ChipsAway achieving excellent recruitment figures as more people follow their passion into their work

02 June 2016

ChipsAway, leading automotive repair franchise, is pleased to announce that they are seeing excellent recruitment figures for 2016, as more people are looking to follow their passion for cars into their work.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) recently discovered that UK workers' job satisfaction is at two-year low. In fact, almost one in four workers were looking to leave their jobs.

Due to rising levels of unhappiness within the workplace, more and more people are turning to the ChipsAway franchise in order to integrate their hobby into their job and finally have a career that they enjoy.

Robin Auld, Marketing Director at ChipsAway says “Lots of people love cars and enjoy working on them at the weekend, whilst struggling to gain motivation in their current job during the week. So the prospect of extending their passion to their everyday career strikes many as a fantastic opportunity.”

The Job Satisfaction Index Survey of 2015 shows that there is a strong correlation between job satisfaction and overall happiness. Statistics show that if our overall job satisfaction increases by 1 point, then our overall happiness level will increase by 0.52. The effect is also greater amongst men (0.57) than women (0.47).

This is a significant effect considering how many other factors influence our overall happiness, and it highlights the importance of people having careers that they enjoy.

The top 3 most important factors for job satisfaction according to a YouGov survey are purpose, leadership and a good work/life balance, and ChipsAway offers all of these benefits to franchisees. These factors, coupled with the opportunity to extend your hobby to your job is why recruitment leads for ChipsAway remain so strong. 

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