Career plans after COVID-19 – could you begin your own business?

21 May 2020

The last few months have left a lot of people reflecting on their current situations and wondering about their future career plans. For many, this could mean returning to their existing roles, but for others it may be a chance to hit the reset button and consider a change of direction.

One of the biggest shifts seen in health and social care during this period has been the amazing enthusiasm of so many people wanting to volunteer. Whether it’s been to deliver shopping and food parcels to vulnerable people, or help in the recovery efforts of those affected by COVID-19, volunteers have opted to give their time and energy to help others.

Vital care services are needed to support those who require a little extra assistance in their daily lives. Despite the great difficulties at this time, however, the sheer dedication of care workers and service operators is allowing those most at risk to remain safe and comfortable within their own homes.

Supporting people in the community has never been more important than it is now. If you’re thinking of operating your own business and managing your own team of care workers, now might be the ideal time to plan ahead for when the coronavirus threat begins to subside.

Providing home care services

Even before the coronavirus situation, demand for care services was rapidly increasing. This is because many of us are living longer and preferring to maintain as much independence as possible in our own homes. Home care workers in the community can provide an essential lifeline to those in need of extra assistance in their daily lives.

Now more than ever, care and support is needed for the more vulnerable members of our society. Not only because of our ageing population, but also to protect those most at risk of infectious diseases going forward. With the spotlight firmly on social care in the near future, safe and effective services will continue to grow in demand.

To help people within your community, working in the home care sector is a positive step in the right direction. What’s better, you can help to bring vital services to local people by operating your own home care business – especially useful if your area is presently short on key community care workers.

Franchising with SureCare

SureCare has been reaching out to communities across the UK for over 25 years and it’s thanks to the hard work and dedication of franchise operators and their care teams who have focused on helping people at home. With the support of SureCare’s franchising team, our nationwide network of compassionate and highly motivated professionals are committed to delivering quality personal care to people of all ages and abilities.

We’re constantly expanding our reach across the country and we’re looking for budding business owners with the right drive and determination to support those who need a helping hand. Whether or not you’ve worked in health and social care before, SureCare can offer exceptional training and business support for you to manage care provisions exclusively within your territory.

Running your own business comes with a lot of responsibility, but by franchising with SureCare you’ll have access to a range of support tools, knowledge and resources while you operate in a highly rewarding environment. All in all, you’ll be making a real and positive difference that enriches the lives of those most in need.

Whether you decide to begin your own business now or you want to plan ahead for the post-COVID recovery period, speak to us today to find out if franchising with SureCare is right for you.

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