Dream Doors celebrates a record-breaking 2019

18 December 2019

FIVE Dream Doors showrooms turned over more than £1million in 2019 - a record for the franchisor.

The impressive figure was achieved by franchisees for the UK’s #1 kitchen makeover company in Poole, Stoke, Oxford, Worcester and Bristol.

Managing director Ed Brewer, pictured at Dream Doors’ 2019 conference, said the accomplishment was the crowning achievement of a great year for the franchisor.

He said: “Four or five years ago, to have a franchisee achieving a turnover of £500,000 or £600,000 per year was considered to be very, very good.

“Now, that turnover figure of £600,000 is what we would consider to be a baseline for all of our showrooms.

“And, assuming that profit margins are managed properly, that will equate to a six-figure take home income for the franchisee.”

Dream Doors also achieved a record number of renewals among its existing franchisees in 2019 – with 13 showroom owners signing on to remain in the network for another five years.

Ed said: “Aside from our record renewal rate, we’ve also opened 12 new showrooms this year.

“In challenging times for the high street, Dream Doors continues to buck the trend.

“Our like for like growth rate is incredibly positive and our next step will be to fill every available territory in the UK by the end of 2021. That will be great for the brand and everyone within it.”

Ed added: “In 2018 we achieved a record turnover of £43m and in 2019 we’ve beaten that record and achieved £50.5m.

“2020 will be about helping our existing franchisees to maximise their profits, so they can have the income they need to achieve their personal goals and ambitions.

“We’re in a marketplace in which customers spend over £4billion per year and we aim to take a much larger share of that in 2020.”

Dream Doors is looking for more talented franchisees who are ready to represent an industry-leading brand.

There are just 19 new franchise territories available nationwide, particularly in the North East, North West, Yorkshire and Scotland.

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