Your Web Leads Did What?!

17 April 2018

Are you worrying that you are paying too much for your PPC, SEO or web leads? Well, that’s not how Mr. Electric© London South West, Mark Ryland sees it!

In the last year he has managed to convert his leads into an amazing amount of money, “it’s hard to believe that some leads cost under £11!” Mark commented.

The most recent job Mark’s team has taken on was for a company called Propability, a company that creates and builds props and sculptures for the stage and shop window fittings. The initial lead came through for a simple test and inspect job for about £1,000. However, all it took was a little bit of talking and relationship building to find out that they were in the process of setting up another site.

As they had already built up a relationship with Mr. Electric, Propability asked them to complete the rest of the work for the other site, which happened to include a complete small factory fit out. In the end, this initial lead converted into a massive £22,000!

Another job that the London South West team have is with Littlefair Nursing Home. The initial lead that they got called out for wasn’t much as they only wanted a quote for some additional sockets. They ended up doing a complete test and inspect, plus the remedial work from this, and so far have done a total of 6 jobs for them, coming to about £14,000.

However, it doesn’t just stop there! As they have formed such a strong relationship with Littlefair, they have also been booked for an extension that they are building next year which will shoot the total to over £50,000! From a lead that cost under £11, that’s not a bad amount indeed.

Last, but most certainly not least, is a call out from a company called Dearman, who specialise in delivering unique zero-emission power and cooling with the use of liquid nitrogen. The company needed fixed wire testing and a condition report for their factory unit. However, the initial lead came through asking for some PAT Testing. The secretary for the company was asked to find about prices and the only electrical testing she knew about was PAT Testing.

The team quickly figured out that this isn’t what they needed and they got to work with the condition report. However, what they found was not good news for Dearman. The electrical installations had been completed to such a poor standard, they needed to rip out everything and completely reinstall it. This ended up totalling a whopping £140,000!

It doesn’t just stop there though! After building a great relationship and providing such high quality workmanship and service, they have now been asked to complete their second factory, which will end up coming to another £60,000. Over £200,000 from just one lead that cost under £11 is not bad ROI!

Three leads costing no more that £33 being converted into over £270,000 is not something to be sniffed at. Mr. Electric London South West really highlights that PPC, SEO and web leads are what you make of them. Providing fantastic service, quality workmanship and simply building a relationship all come naturally when you follow the CUSTOMER system, and it shows that this really can pay off in magnificent ways!


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