A McHappy deal for Mr. Electric

14 April 2015

Jeff Longley, owner of Mr. ElectricÒ Birmingham, recently secured a huge contract with the McDonald’s in his local area. Jeff and his team have been installing LED lights at his local store in order to help them save money on their energy and maintenance bills.

The lightbulbs that Jeff has been installing not only helps the McDonald’s restaurant save money on their energy bills but also dramatically improves the brightness in the car park area making customers and staff feel safe and secure.

Mr. Electric is part of the global franchising giant, The Dwyer Group and, as such, benefits from being seen as the go-to supplier of electrical services; appealing to domestic and commercial customers as well as household names such as The AA, B&Q and British Gas. Franchisees supply contractors for all aspects of electrical servicing and maintenance work but have also become renowned for their innovative energy-saving products that cut household bills and help businesses meet energy-saving targets.

“The lightbulbs we install can save up to 90% of the cost of normal lightbulbs. The LED lightbulbs that we’ve been installing in our local McDonald’s restaurant are 80-90% efficient compared to a normal lightbulb which is only 20%. It’s a bit of a no-brainer really! The lightbulbs also last 5-10 times longer so that cuts down maintenance time too which is extremely important for our clients like McDonald’s. With restaurants open for long hours of the day they can’t afford to have lightbulbs not working and maintenance men having to come in,” explains Jeff.

“The return on investment for the lightbulbs can be recouped in under two years. If you take out the maintenance costs then the savings are massive. Not only does it save costs on the ladders and any other tools that may be needed in order to do the work, it also saves money on having to call out an electrician. At the McDonald’s restaurant they’re not allowed to do the work themselves so if a lightbulb goes, they have to call an electrician. The LED lightbulbs are designed to last much longer so they won’t have to call an electrician in as often,” adds Jeff.

The electrical services market predicts growth of just over £2 billion to £20.6 billion by 2018. Mr. Electric franchisees are positioned perfectly to take advantage of this growth using the huge benefits of their energy-saving products to win new business and secure long-term contracts.

“I have been pleasantly surprised with the service I have received from Mr. Electric. My business manager was very impressed with the savings we’ve made by having the LED lightbulbs installed at our restaurant. I have now passed Jeff’s details to my group of five restaurants and have authorised them to use Jeff’s company for any electrical work that is required,” explains Afia Sirkhot, McDonald’s franchisee.

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