Top tips for electrical safety this Winter

17 November 2014

With the night’s drawing in as winter quickly approaches, many homeowners will be getting ready to do that last bit of garden maintenance and will be starting to think about hanging those cheery Christmas lights and decorations up. When working outside, especially with electrical equipment, it is important to think about safety. Here are four electrical safety tips from Mr. Electric that every homeowner should know about before beginning any garden work or hanging Christmas lights.

1.       Ladder and tool safety

Before using ladders to clean gutters, hang lights or replace bulbs, be sure to locate all low hanging electrical and telephone wires and lines. Hitting these lines with a ladder can be dangerous and pose a safety risk to any person who is around when the ladder touches the wires. Before using any tools for the autumn and winter, such as an electric leaf blower, inspect the power cord for wear spots or burn marks.

2.       Keeping outlets clear

Any outside outlets should be kept clear of leaves and other debris. It is best to have every outdoor outlet properly covered to protect it from the elements. Before using the outside outlet, check it for any issues that may have occurred when the outlet wasn’t in use.

3.       Proper use of extension cords

Extension cords should only be used for short periods of time and for their intended purposes only. Never use an extension cord on unapproved electrical devices. Extension cords should not be run under carpets or rugs because of the risk of overheating.

4.       Inspect or change outdoor lighting

As the season changes and the clocks shift backwards, there will be fewer daylight hours. The beginning of autumn is the best time to check outdoor lighting and light fixtures. It is a good idea to check any outdoor lighting areas to make sure the bulbs are ready for use or need replacing. To save money during the winter, consider switching to more energy efficient outdoor lighting.

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