EU Referendum response - Rob Clifford, Group Commercial Director, SDL Group/Chief Executive, CENTURY 21 UK

24 June 2016

Below are some comments from Rob Clifford, Chief Executive of CENTURY 21 UK and Group Commercial Director of the SDL Group, to today’s EU Referendum result:

“The vote to leave the EU presents the UK housing and mortgage market with a number of potential risks and challenges simply because of the uncertainty we are now faced with. While EU membership has often meant increased regulation for our sector – which can often be unwelcome and in my view often disregards the maturity and complexity of the UK housing and financial services market - our view on the Referendum was always one based on delivering the maximum stability for all, and therefore we would quite clearly have preferred a vote to Remain. Pre-vote there were a number of predictions of a negative impact in terms of house price levels and housing transaction numbers brought about by a vote to Leave, and there are obviously concerns that these predictions will now be played out. In terms of the result itself we don’t regard it as having any direct detriment to the SDL Group, its businesses, or any of the services we offer to thousands of consumers each year. However, we remain anxious about the much broader, potentially negative macro-economic impact this result could deliver. We do remain committed to the markets we operate in and will be working incredibly hard to ensure customer satisfaction across all of these.”

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