It’s all been cooking at Oven Wizards Annual Conference.

29 October 2018

Oven Wizards got together last month for their Annual Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon, with the theme for the day being “Be Happy…Be Social”.

The Annual Conference together with the Regional Meetings are a great Opportunity for Wizards to get together face to face to build relationships, share best practice and enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. The day included the business meeting in the afternoon and the social event with entertainment in the evening.

Clive Perrett who runs the Bristol North Territory said,” Many thanks to John and Mark for all the work you put in each year. The social side of the conference is improving rapidly. A great event, enjoyed by Pauline as well as myself.

Stephen Leaver, the Wizard in Tamworth said “Thanks for a great weekend, I got loads out of it. Fab Company, see you all next Year”

Subjects covered on the day included Operations, Sales and Service with the main focus being on Social Media, particularly Facebook with an engaging guest speaker.

Patrick Feerick from Bedfordshire said “Thank you both for this year’s conference. As always it was great to see you both and catch up on news from my “Fellow Wizards”. It was all most enjoyable and useful. both Jean and I enjoyed the meal, the evening and your hospitality immensely”.

Rob Coates from The New Forest said, “Thanksto John and Mark for a great Conference Just heading out for a 10 o'clock start at the beginning of a very busy week. (Probably top earner for me.)”

Pippa Weir a new Wizard from Sheffield said, “Really enjoyed the day meeting and getting new ideas from more experienced fellow Wizards” 
Mark Abbott, Managing Director said “It was great to see all our Wizards getting together again, it’s really good to hear how well they are all doing in their chosen Territories”

He went on to say, “We had Wizards coming together from all over the UK. Whilst we are now getting good National coverage, we still have Territories available for the right sort of people”.

Colin Hadley, Oven Wizard in Hereford said,” Manythanks for the conference. Really enjoyable once again, got loads of great stuff to take back and use in my business”

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